The following are links to sites that I have found and used:

Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft MCSE Certification and related info
Microhard Technologies
Beach Front Quizzer

There are many others. Do a search for (MCSE,exams) in Alta Vista or Google. You will find mostly demo versions giving you a small sampling of questions in each subject. Better to have some questions than none. As I stated before, email me and I will open your eyes to what practice questions can or cannot do for you. Once you're ready you can take the exams at more than 800 authorized testing centers. More info or locations can be obtained by calling (800) 755 - EXAM. or search for the testing centers around the world at Sylvan Prometric Centers. You can also register online to take the exam at

Complete details of the MCSE program can be obtained at the Microsoft MCSE web site. This is usually a busy site so patience is often needed for the download. Another good microsoft site is the one devoted to MCP's. If you get tired looking at exams go online and read the MCP Magazine. It has excellent information on a variety of subjects along with many tips on taking the exams and links to other related sites.

Do you need Electronics or MCSE Books?
Search for them below at the largest store on the Web.

Cheapest Technical Books
ComputerBooksOnline - Self explanatory - Get tech books at a discount
Provantage - Discount Software and Hardware plus MSPress Books
Exam Cram Books - These are new, seen them, they are excellent.
Sybex Certification Books
Macmillan Publishers - New Riders, Que, Sam Publ. Books
Windows 2000 Magazine Web Site
PC Magazine
Windows Sources Magazine
MCP - MCSE Cram Session
TCP/IP Tables - Table of values I memorized for the TCP/IP Exam and Subnetting.
MCSE FTQ Study Group - Check this out, good information.
MCSE for Dummies - Interactive sample tests, exam tips, exam facts, links, etc.
Discussion Forums - Technical topics in Win95/NT and many others

So you say you want links to more MCSE links. Well hold on to your hat because here they are:

MCSE Resource Linkstation
Certification & Networking Links

Well have you had enough? Good, that's all the links I have. If you know of any that I have missed and are worth mentioning, let me know and I may include them in this site.

Attention Windows XP Users
A little-known but critical vulnerability exists in Windows XP
It has recently been repaired in Service Pack 1
To visit Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 1 download page:
To learn more about this vulnerability please go to

I started in January '97 in my quest for the MCSE certification. I have finished taking the needed courses at a Microsoft authorized education center named Software Education of America located in Brea, California. I have studied and studied and am continuing to study. I have passed the Windows NT 3.51 Workstation and Server exams, Windows 95 ,TCP/IP, Exchange Server 4.0 and Networking Essentials. So I finally on August 9, 1997 became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer after going to class and studying for nearly 8 months. It's a great feeling passing these exams knowing how much effort I put into studying for them. Now to find a job which will be a pleasant thing to do.

Update: As of September 3, 1997 I was hired by a worldwide computer company named GEAC Computers. It is a great working environment, and I am learning and doing everything I had hoped for when I started the MCSE program. All the hard work and study paid off many fold, and I encourage anyone with the idea of becoming a MCSE to pursue it with all your efforts.
Second Update: 
As of May 1, 2002, I was terminated from Geac Computers as part of their restructuring and downsizing campaign.  I will be actively searching for new employment.

As time passed, I have just found out that the Exchange Server 4.0 exam I took as part of my certification will be retired in June '98, and I have till Sept. '99 to take a replacement such as Exchange Server 5.0 or 5.5. I took the Exchange 5.5 (70-081) exam on July 24, 1999 and passed.

More time has passed and my MCSE 3.51 track is on the verge of expiring. Since I cannot take the Win2K accelerated exam I have to basically start over and take 5 core exams and one elective (2 electives needed) as my Exchange server 5.5 still is counted as an elective. I will pursue these tests as I did before, plenty of reading and studying and of course hands on with the software. As of July 20, 2001 I have completed the required exams and am now re-certified on the Win2k track.

If you are going to pursue the Win2K MCSE Certification don't forget to email me about how practice questions will make the process a whole lot easier as it did for me.

If you have further questions, go to my FAQ file which is a composite of comments and questions I have received via email. If your questions are still not answered then feel free to email me with them, and I will try to get back to you as time permits.


Any questions, feelings, comments or helpful advice can be forwarded to me at:

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