My method of play allows you to come up with a winner that could earn you money consistently. After the come out roll, bets are placed to accomplish this. I do not involve myself with the come out roll. Everything is done after the point is established. If you are new to craps and do not know what I am talking about, I will cover basic play along with my system in the article that I will send to you.

You can bet as little as $29 and make $70 in a very short time. How about $290 to make $700. It is all relative to how much you have to risk. I have used this system many times over the years. I have put down serious money on the table with this method of play. I know it works. I spent the time on the kitchen floor to make sure it did. You will be astonished how easy it is to make money.

Sound Impossible ?
Sure, because you don't know the secret. You don't know how to place the bets to hedge yourself, to reduce the odds against you and make this work like a fine piano.

Well this is your LUCKY day. I will let you have the secret, but like any good information, I must charge a small amount to compensate myself for all the years of research and development. I spent a lot of time and money developing this into what it is. I charged a lot more for it in the magazine ads of long ago. I used to ask for a percentage of the winnings, but that relies on the honesty of the players. Thousands of dollars are waiting for you to be won. Since I am relying on volume here on the internet,   I am comfortably letting my valuable information be purchased for $ 25. That's it.

Skeptical of Systems ?
It's up to you. I am trying to give you the ability to play craps in a consistent and logical manner in order to win great percentage returns time after time. If you don't try and give it a chance, you will never know. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Knowledge instills confidence in yourself and what you do. You can benefit from all the years that I devoted to perfecting this method of play. You can easily lose the $25 playing craps, blackjack, roulette or whatever, or instead $25 will get you the knowledge to step up to the craps table and bring home buckets of cash. I guarantee that it will provide you with all the smarts and confidence you need to place even larger than the minimum bets. You don't have to since you can and will win with small bankroll amounts.  I'm perfectly happy with or without your money. I know my system, and I make money with it when I employ it.

Now I want you to make money with it also. You can take those few extra dollars in your pocket and win at any craps table in the casino. You need to ACT FROM A POSITION OF STRENGTH. This is the time to play. Get ahead and stay ahead. Hesitation brings no knowledge.  Hesitation can keep you wondering.  It is worth every penny that you pay for it and more.  So, do you hesitate or do you get the knowledge? 

Don't throw away a chance to become knowledgeable and use
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Have an open mind and do yourself a favor !!!!

Needs only small bankroll...

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How to Proceed

Here are the simple instructions to make yourself a consistent winner:

1. Go to my Order Form. You will print out this form, fill it out and send it along with $25 to me. If for some reason you can't print it out then just be sure to write all the requesting information on a piece of paper. That will do fine.
2. You will choose what method you want to receive the information. Choices are regular mail or an attachment to an email (Plain text, HTML or PDF formats).
--------------   or simply use PayPal below   ---------------

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